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Welcome Reward 10-Milligram Gold*
*(MiliGold Purchase Plan – MGPP)

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By Filling the form, you are entitled to:

In Pakistan: PKR 1,500

In Rest of the World: USD 30

Terms & Conditions

  1. An individual is required to sign up to start saving MilliGold.
  2. All adult individuals having valid identification information, email address, phone number, and are above a minimum of 18 years of age are entitled to participate in the offer.
  3. The said product is offered to adult individuals only. Non-individual entity i.e. business, corporate, Trust, etc. are not entitled to membership.
  4. Open Activation to get credit.
  5. MilliGold saved can be redeemed at the end of the year or for immediate redemption to become a member. Membership fee 1500 PKR/30 USD.
  6. Accumulate MilliGold by Opening Activation from time to time.
  7. During a period of 365 days, you save more gold and diamond jewelry on your daily spending.

How can I earn 10Milligram Gold?

Simply fill the form and you can get credit of 10 Milligram Gold thorough MilliGold Purchase Plan (MGPP).

What is MGPP?

In 250 days after registration, we buy Gold on London PM Fixing rates and credit your account.

We buy daily:

For Pakistan:            Rs 6 x 250 Days                   = 1500 Rs

For RoW:                  USD 0.12 x 250 Days         = 30 USD

What is Activation?

By registering, you will receive special Activation notification from time to time. It may be offered on daily, weekly or at any time that we may find suitable.

Open the Activation and participate in order to save more Gold. The more Activations you participate; the more Gold you save.