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Extra-Long Hair for Extra Fun!
From once upon a time to happily ever after, Barbie® doll always has fantastic hair. Girls can create new and inventive hairstyles — over and over again — with the Barbie® Cut ‘n Style Princess™ doll. Her gorgeous blond locks are extra long for extra styling fun! She comes complete with hair accessories and a magical “cutting” tool, so styling hair is as much fun as telling the story that goes with it!
Hairstyling Magic
Girls can make Barbie® doll’s hair even longer with one, two, or all three of the included hair extensions. Simply clip them to one of three clips in Barbie® doll’s locks. Hair extension options include signature Barbie® pink, a brilliant purple, and matching blond. When it’s time to remove them, magically “clip” them using the flower-adorned scissors.
Endless Possibilities!
A brush and two additional hairclips increase the styling possibilities. Plus, the clips can be worn by the girl in her own hair for wear-and-share fun. Create a hairstyle on Barbie® doll for tea, another for a royal ceremony, and still another for a grand ball. The options are limited only by girls’ imaginations, and they’ll want to try as many as possible.
Princess Pretty
Barbie® doll is ready for any occasion dressed in a pretty princess fashion designed in shades of pink. A halter bodice shines with sparkles, and a floor-length skirt is decorated with a floral print. Matching shoes and a silvery statement necklace are princess-perfect accessories, while a pink tiara helps to showcase her gorgeous hairstyle!
What’s in the Box?
Barbie® doll wearing princess fashion and accessories, “scissors,” three hair extensions, two hair clips, and one hairbrush

This beautiful princess has long, gorgeous hair girls will love “cutting” and styling over and over again!
Clip one or all three of the hair extensions in to add fun pops of color or make Barbie® doll’s hair even longer
Two wear-and-share clips — that can be worn by girls — add extra hair flair!
When it’s time for a new look, “cut” the extensions using the flower-decorated “scissors” and start all over
Beautiful Barbie® doll wears a festive floor-length gown, pretty shoes, a silvery necklace, and princess tiara

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